How to Shop for Clothes Online

If you’re shopping at Zara, try the “what’s my size?” function. It lets you enter your height and weight, as well as whether you prefer your clothes “tighter” or “looser”. For many items on the website it will then tell you what size garment people of similar dimensions to you tended to buy, and what percentage of those sales were successfully kept, not returned.

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If you want to know how to shop for clothes online, the following article will surely be of some help. There are some things you need to keep in mind before shopping for clothes online and the tips mentioned below will tell you how to take care of them.
If you’re shopping at Zara, try the “what’s my size?” function. It lets you enter your height and weight, as well as whether you prefer your clothes “tighter” or “looser”. For many items on the website it will then tell you what size garment people of similar dimensions to you tended to buy, and what percentage of those sales were successfully kept, not returned.
If you’re shopping at Zara, try the “what’s my size?” function. It lets you enter your height and weight, as well as whether you prefer your clothes “tighter” or “looser”. For many items on the website it will then tell you what size garment people of similar dimensions to you tended to buy, and what percentage of those sales were successfully kept, not returned.

So really narrow your search down after finding which sites will offer your clothing based off location. Only look at the clothes you know you need. If you only intend to buy a new dress, avoid looking at tops and accessories. Try on your clothes as soon as they arrive. Many online stores accept returns, but only within a limited time frame. Try on your clothes as soon as they arrive at your door. Do not remove any tags or stickers, since doing so may hinder your ability to return the item if it does not fit.

In order to avoid over-spending, you need to know how much you can afford to spend. Review your financial situation and determine how much extra money you have available. The true beauty of online shopping is convenience. Within minutes, you can check out the selection at multiple stores, all without leaving your chair. Take advantage of this convenience by comparing the prices and selection offered by several reputable online stores.

You may discover that two stores are offering similar garments for vastly different prices. The easiest way to do this is to sign up for email newsletters with various online stores you frequent. These newsletters frequently include information about sales and clearances. Otherwise, quickly visit the online storefronts of different sellers and note which ones have sales going on.

Many wholesale sellers require you to be a reseller to make a purchase, but not all do. True wholesale requires you to purchase large quantities at one time, making it a good option for basic necessities like underwear and socks. Retail wholesalers purchase large quantities of clothing at wholesale prices, then sell those garments with very little mark-up. As a result, clothing purchased from a retail wholesaler is often much cheaper than clothing purchased from a standard retailer.

Check shipping costs before you commit. Shipping costs and additional check-out fees can dramatically drive up the price of your purchase, especially if you end up buying from a seller in a foreign country. You should also make these costs a factor when you compare prices at various stores. Buy from trusted sellers. Department store websites and the official websites of well-known brands are a good place to start.

If you buy from smaller stores or individual sellers, opt for sellers that go through PayPal or other secure payment methods. Look for comments and reviews. Only purchase from individual sellers when a detailed feedback system is available. Resolved negatives include any problem that was remedied after communication between the buyer and seller.

Know how to spot a counterfeit. When buying brand name items, be aware of the fact that many sellers are out to scam you. Know the peculiarities of a particular brand and look for detailed pictures that can be used to identify a garment as real or fake. Do not give out personal information. Your name and address are necessary, but your Social Security number and bank account are not. If a feel skeptical about whether or not a seller is asking for unnecessary personal information, err on the side of safety.

Shop on encrypted websites. Websites that start with "https: These security measures are not necessary while viewing products, but you should avoid websites that have you pay on unsecured pages.

Check out the return policy. Before you commit to a purchase, verify whether or not a seller offers returns and refunds. Even a legitimate seller who does not offer returns can be a mistake to buy from, since you may find yourself stuck with an unusable product if it does not fit. It has always seemed so so intimidating. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. Thanks for this post Carolyn! So this post is really helpful.

Also, I am trying to make the transition from instant gratification to consciously selecting the pieces I buy. I agree, a return policy of any kind from a secondhand clothing store is impressive — 28 days is great! I live in the Netherlands and go to Zalando a little bit too often. They offer free shipping and free returns. My tip for making online shopping easier is to select the fabrics you like, the price range you feel comfortable within, other things like sleeve length and waist height, and your size s.

I also have a question for you, Caroline: Now you started shopping online, how would you refrain from going on a shopping binge? I have this problem too. I love shopping online even though I live less than 2 miles from a Nordstrom. But there is so much stuff and so many new brands to discover, I find myself spending so much time surfing clothes sites. The only way I have been able to prevent the binges I spent sooooo much money last year is I put myself on a clothing budget.

I made a wish list Pinterest board, and go back to mull things over. I still feel like I over shop and spend too much time on it. Thanks so much for your reply, I totally feel the same. This can be a tricky one to manage for sure! For me personally, returns are the biggest thing that keep me in check. This is such a helpful list! Excited to edit my closet and be more intentional about my purchases.

Another thing to watch out for, especially with jeans, is to check out fabric composition. I learned this the hard way after a few favorite pairs of jeans stretched out in less than a year.

I also love sites where you can read and leave reviews. Madewell charges for returns now? I do a lot of online shopping because I find it more time-efficient, even with returns. Plus, like you said, I like to try on items with other pieces I own, and maybe sit around in them for a few minutes to get a feel for if they are comfortable.

I would only add that if free shipping and returns are offered, I almost always order two sizes — even from brands I know — because different styles from the same brand can be so different! That way I know I got the ideal fit. I also like both Amazon and Sierra Trading Post for great shipping and returns. I type Made in USA or organic cotton or whatever into the search bar, both have such a random selection but sometimes I find amazing things.

On a side note it seems like there have been a lot of shopping-related posts and new purchases since you returned to blogging. Put another way, you used to inspire me to buy less, but now, I have to fight the urge to buy more when I read the blog.

At least that is what I am going through in the past year as my eyes continue to open wider to the better quality and locally made options, and as I make my attempt at doing a quasi-capsule wardrobe, which requires, unfortunately, shopping.

Online shopping has definitely become a way of life now that I live in a smaller town! Plus, its a lovely excuse to get out of the house AND you now have the option of getting the full amount back OR getting store credit…decisions decisions.

In my experience this has become a fun process instead of something I used to dread! I love your idea of a fit kit. I use the reminder app on my phone. This helps me keep track of stuff and follow up on delays. Thank you for sharing that tip. It really is important to track items and make sure to follow up on items that are delayed or somehow never make it!

Thank you for sharing! One thing I also find about shopping online is that it allows for more in-depth comparison shopping. It makes researching multiple items so much more attainable! No driving around town looking, just plug in a few key search words and you have lots to choose from. I use Polyvore for that kind of research. Occasionally there is something non old-lady looking from LLBean free shipping or Duluth Trading no free shipping also good quality.

Otherwise, buying online is just not worth all the time it takes for me. Most of my clothes are thrifted so when I do want to buy a new article of clothing, I agonize over making big purchases online even though I know that potentially I could own the item for a long time. I usually have better luck buying second hand.

Thanks for the inspiration Caroline. I totally understand that perspective the agony of large purchases! Returns are the bane of my life. The cost of returns can often outweigh the cost of the item itself. Only option is to try and resell them but will probably not get my money back. And it can be so much work to sell them too. I hope you have some luck with that. I only shop online. I hate going to brick and mortar stores, despite living close to NYC where there are thousands of them. I spent a few days a while back trying on clothes from my favorite brands to figure out my sizing, so I have no issue with that when ordering online.

I also buy most of my clothing used, from vintage shops on Etsy and online places like Poshmark. We all have our reasons, right??

Elle, I love that you took the time to figure out your sizing by physically trying stuff on. How would you compare Everlane sizes to Madewell? Figuring out sizes in new brands is definitely my biggest hangup! It seems that they require measuring the clothes that you currently own that fit you and comparing. Everlane can seem tricky, but I think? But since most of them are more pricey I decided to do my research first.

So like the last time I worked on my wardrobe. I made a list of things I have and things I needed. I made a color scheme for my new work capsule and I was in the middle of opening up all the taps in one window for shoes and another window for clothes of all the brands and stores I frequent.

I opened up your blog for inspiration and to see if you had a post on professional pieces. Once I have my final pinterest board with the pieces I want. But in increments first the necessities and then the things that will provide more character.

Your blog has been such an inspiration to just take my style into my own hands and do what I want to do. Keeping my wardrobe simple with things I love to wear over and over again. The end result of having a wardrobe full of only clothes that I feel comfortable and confident in is awesome! I love how thoughtful you are about the whole process.

I think it will pay off in the long run. My work wardrobe contains things that can be dressed up or dressed down. Black and maybe brown or gray. Could be a bit shorter depending on your workplace. You can go seriously professional with the black skirt and a tailored white shirt. Dark purple with lavender. Or some other accessory like a necklace. Wear stockings and nice shoes that you can actually walk in! I hate seeing an obviously professional and intelligent woman tap tap tap around on extremely high heels.

On another day you can wear the same skirt with no stockings and sandals or booties and a fun shirt. You are so wise to start with the basics! Caroline is extra good at showing us this. Or if you wear something new or new to them. So fashion is for YOU to enjoy and have fun. And for those around you who enjoy seeing new attire. Shopping online is one of my favorite things — for many of the reasons you mentioned. Like Old Navy, for instance.

Oh, and I always google for promo codes and use rewardStyle and ebates! SUCH a great post! Yes to all these tips! It absolutely dulls the instant gratification factor.

Thanks for sharing Caroline. I love this post, thanks for it! I have always loved online shopping, maybe a little too much. I find myself spending much more when shopping online.

And online, you can shop with your adorable dog! We have a whippet so I may be biased, but your dog is so cute! A lot of things I find in the stores often look nothing like what they look like online, so it really helps to do that when possible. One tip to getting free online returns is calling customer service when you happen to get a damaged or unsatisfactory quality item in the mail.

They can often expedite the return faster this way. That is a really smart tip. These are all great! Keeping note of my measurements and what sizes I typically wear for particular brands has been a gamechanger. It also makes it that much easier to buy favorite brands secondhand online. I generally shop from my favourite stores like Country Road in Aus online as I know what size I am with those guys but being too lazy and forgetful when it comes to returns from other places like ASOS means I have a small stash of things to give away.

Thanks for the tips on how to be more mindful of returns! Such a great post, Caroline! Bookmarked for future reference as well. I love all of your suggestions! I am new to shopping online, and have often been hesitant because of sizing. I LOVE the style you are putting forth, it really resonates with me. I just find it hard to trust these brands on sizing. If you find any links in your general style for us larger ladies, I would love to see that!

Keep on inspiring Caroline! Thanks so much for the thoughtful recommendation. I never want my readers to feel that a look is unattainable because of size.

On that note, I hope you can see these posts as just ideas — and still be able to find looks that you love without actual links. Thanks again for the suggestion.

I also keep a list of my measurements and which brands and stores I like. And I have made photos of all my clothes, bags and shoes or just download the photos that are in the online shops. I also buy things second hand online and it helps a lot to know the measurements of my fav pieces.

Kind regards from Norway. I love that you keep photos, so your shopping goals are at your fingertips! Online I can look through many versions of something easily. You can be anywhere and if you have a smartphone, you can be shopping. For a while it turned into way too much of a habit. I found myself online shopping for hours the same way some people binge watch Netflix. I was doing it daily. I was still buying more than I needed because it was so easy. Also — what a horrible way to spend that amount of time!

I chose one night a week that I could shop online. That way I could look forward to it, keep it in check, plus there would actually be new things in stock!

But I had to do the opposite… An endless supply of online stores was a dangerous thing because I could just keep going. So, I limited my options to my five proven favourites and stuck to those. Next, by shopping at just my proven favourites, if I do buy something, I almost always end up with a winner. So those dreaded returns are rare. Plus, since most of my stuff is from the same pool of places, they go with each-other really well.

Which makes it way easier to plan outfits! I have a shopping list and stick to it. This stops impulse purchases. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed comment! A lot of people are looking for advice like this. Now I order almost all of my clothes online. I typically will order at least 2 sizes to try on, yes this means more money is tied up in the beginning but that usually helps me qualify for free shipping anyway.

But I promise I would spend that money if I were at a mall or somewhere else on coffee, gas, a random clearance item, etc.

I also find online shopping to help with keeping my purchases on target. I can build a shopping cart or Wishlist and look at it for a few days or a few weeks even, I almost always end up editing it down before I actually buy.

I can compare multiple stores at the same time and try on the item with my own clothes and practice remixing it in my wardrobe before I decide to keep or not.

I love all the tips you give! I do need a bit of advice. Do you have any advice on how to put blinders on and avoid the temptation? Hi Alexa — oh that employee discount would be tempting, for sure! I guess I would offer similar tips as I did to those who struggle with overdoing it online.

If you keep a list on your phone or in your purse of only the things that you need to buy, then only allow yourself to buy those few items.

Shopping for clothes online, whether you buy them from a big box store or a custom clothier, can get you great style at bargain prices. Unfortunately it also comes with the worry that because you're buying a clothing item sight-unseen, it just won't fit and you've wasted your money. If you want to know how to shop for clothes online, the following article will surely be of some help. There are some things you need to keep in mind before shopping for clothes online and the tips mentioned below will tell you how to take care of them. "I get all of my clothes from the clearance section at Hollister. Really cheap if you use the lowest-highest price setting. If you don’t like an item, you can return it easily as well. Another perk is that since it is a nice brand, it’s easy to resell once you no longer like it." —Xaxmxn. Pricing: Dresses start at $