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Solid colored or patterned t-shirts that can be dressed up with a blazer. The finest quality jersey, linen, silk and cashmere are incorporated into their classic and formal lines of menswear that also feature Australian mother-of-pearl buttons.

Men’s casual clothing is often hard for guys to choose and one of the hardest areas to focus on is shirts. While it’s easy to buy another white dress shirt and .
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Specifically, there are 6 looks that every man should be able to master. You should shop with these looks in mind or if you do wardrobe assessment, with the goal of being able to create these with your existing clothes. Professional attire is the look that gentlemen wear in very professional environments. As such, the first step to mastering this look is to know your environment.

Most businesses are explicit in saying that the dress code is professional attire so there is no second guessing. There is a high level of respect that comes with this look. Business casual is exactly what is implied in the name.

A traditional business casual look is no suit jacket. Workplace environment is everything when it comes to professional attire so make sure that your version of business casual is in line with the culture of the office. The key to this look is no neckwear.

The collar can be open or the top button can be buttoned up. Either way, there should not be a tie. Also the polo can be worn with the top button fastened as well. This will keep the collar upright and keep the look sharp. As a man of style, the days of the dad jeans and your favorite tee shirt is no longer allowed. Think of it as weekend attire. This look can be a pair of well fitting raw denim jeans, a t-shirt, and some stylish sneakers.

Learn how to get the most awesome summer button-down shirts around — and be creative with your style! Every good dress shirt needs to be structured and ironed well. Although white is the most iconic color, you can also try out light-colored blues or pastels. Even a shirt with a classic pattern of stripes is fine like blue stripes on a white shirt. The real challenge about dress shirts — more so than other shirts — is getting one with the right fit. To find that shirt — you first have to figure out the hip, waist and chest measurements and determine the category: A shirt jacket offers lightweight protection from rain and wind.

The material is made of a heavier weight yarn. Or better yet — how about that same guy chopping wood? A shirt jacket captures that outdoorsy, hardworking, manly image better than a t-shirt or dress shirt can. So the style is definitely NOT outdated. You can even say shirt jacket is the most rugged-looking kind of the whole bunch… and rugged is sexy. Outdoors, casual dress code.

Nothing professional… just food, drinks, and fun… What should you wear? Definitely not a suit! Those who understand them — stand out. The superior fit of made-to-measure clothing also marks the traditions of this Italian company, which was founded in mid-twentieth century Rome. These proper shirts are sewn from quality fabrics and fit handsomely — with a bit of British charm thrown in for good measure.

Hilditch and Key is a British-branded shirt for the discerning man looking for high style and quality in their dress wear. Hilditch and Key is not extravagant for the sake of adding value.

True value is woven into the elegance they promote in menswear. For nearly years, this brand offers ready-to-wear and custom shirting options. Fits range from extra slim to relaxed with a gamut of color and pattern choices. Construction is personalized with buyers able to customize each detail of their garment. Gitman is based on the utilitarian concepts of comfort, dependability and durability, as the original customer for many American shirtmakers was the U.

The manufacturing process is tightly controlled so that the boutique quality is not lost in the production. A high thread count is a notable feature in these designer shirts. Lorenzini is a northern Italian shirtmaker who, like other exclusive menswear designers from this area, are renowned for their creativity and manufacturing. A Lorenzini custom shirt takes over 50 steps and 80 minutes to create, a process that has been perfected since the early s.

Each shirt has 25 pieces that are stitched together to synthesize top-quality menswear. The Emanuele Maffeis shirt is handmade and tailored to fit the fashion-conscious man. Attention is paid to detailing and individual inspection of each finished product. This brand is situated in northern Italy, just outside Milan, which is one of the epicenters of fashion. Their unique vision has evolved into modern fashion that is a collision of past traditions and present-day concepts.

The sartorial methods of the last years are woven into the designs of the Finamore brand. It is the Neapolitan way to hand make dress shirts from premium materials without the use of machinery. Designs are at once traditional and modern.

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