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If not socialized at an early age, these dogs in the later stages of their life can become aggressive whenever they come across a stranger. The Akita and Golden Retriever cross are high on energy. Hence this makes them a right guard and watchdog. The originality of Turkmen handicrafts is a distinct feature of Turkmen culture that sets it apart from the cultures of other nations. They crave for both mental and physical activities.

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The examples cited suggest that the female warriors referred to in ancient works may have lived in Turkmen territories. It has always been said that Turkmen woman helped his man in his fight with enemies.

On this basis, it seems possible to accept the truth of the idea of the female warriors. Turkmen silver masters produced various ornaments for children and horses as well as for women. They made knives, knife-handles and cases, wallets and bags. In addition to the jewel-making art, the carpets and rugs decorating the tents were also produced by Turkmen masters.

In Turkmen society, woman has a special place, woman has always been treated with respect. The great Turkmen thinker and poet Mahdumkuli wrote praisingly about the beauty of woman. The unbelievable beauty of Turkmen woman in her national dress, who is able to bring her clothes into a lyrical harmony with all kinds of ornament, reflects the magical whole ness of the Turkmen art of dress and jewelry. The cuts of traditional Turkmen garments are a reflection of the way of life and the climatic conditions in Turkmenistan.

Embroidery has an important place in these garments. The national dresses of women are ornamented with embroidery as well as decorations. Ebroidery exists not only on clothes but also on table-cloths, handkerchiefs, bags, saddles, "dutar" cases, etc. The reasons for the emergence of these motifs of embroidery were certain religious beliefs, for example the need to be protected from evil spirits.

Turkmen national dresses for women and children are always embellished with ornated and precious stones and beads. Decoration is not confined to clothes: In the past, decorations had a special meaning. They signified the age, family, tribe and social status of those who used them. These ornaments and jewels displayed differences from tribe to tribe in the course of time.

Whether a woman was married or not and what tribe she belonged to could be told from her dress and ornaments. Enough space is the need for the dog. They are generally fit dogs. Akita Pit requires training from an early age. Consistency in the training pattern is the key. They are easy to train as they learn the command quickly. Behavior training is critical for this breed. The bad habits of the puppy get corrected and prevented in the future through behavior training.

The trainer should not get impatient. There is a requirement of repetition of commands. The dog should not be called for punishment since this will teach the dog not to come to terms with the training. Negative reinforcement and frustration out of the voice tone while training must be kept away.

No pretention is to be shown since the dog can feel human emotion. Generally specified as an aggressive dog, Nekita designer is a designer dog. Due to the enormous size, they are known as ideal guard dog apart from being loyal, alert and protective. They require socialization at an early stage and with such socialization they can get along with children. For the first time owner, this dog is not suitable. To remain content and healthy, this crossbreed requires at least one hour of rigorous activities although they are very energetic and active breed.

Fetch play and walks for several times are the best exercises for the dog. Daily one hour of exercise is enough for this breed. They show signs of aggressive behavior and get bored if they do not get any activity. The minor health issues consist of sebaceous adenitis, ectropion, entropion, progressive retinal atrophy, and skin fold dermatitis. This dog is made gentle and kind by training.

But it is advised to keep it under supervision. With extra meals, overfeeding of this dog is not recommended. High brand of dog food is provided to the dog for long-term health. Labrakita is a Labrador retriever and Akita Inu mix.

It is a crossbreed, and not much is known about its history. In a household with children, Labrakita is a good family friend. With small children, they need supervision. This dog is fun loving and requires a lot of time to play with the family. It needs lots of time and large yards. Introduction to the guest is critical so that they can know who comes to the house. This dog is a clean dog, but still, they need brushing frequently. Slicker or pin brush is used to sweep the coat several times a week.

Since frequent shampooing can cause dry skin, hence bathing requirements are minimal for this dog. Once every month, the toenail needs trimming. Brushing of teeth and cleaning of ears for irritation, wax buildup, and ear mites are necessary. To stay healthy and happy, the Labrakita needs the right amount of exercise. If the dog does not get the exercise, it becomes anxious and overweight. Some of the favorite activities of this dog include playing on the beach, hiking in the woods, swimming, and brisk walks.

This dog can develop gastric dilation; bloat, gastric torsion disease. It needs daily 3 to 5 cups of healthy food as a healthy diet. As a designer or hybrid dog, the Huskita is a mixture of two pure breeds. In the last two decades, the designer dogs refer to the mixed breeds that have grown in reputation. There is deliberate mixing of the two races was done because it is fashionable to do so, while mixed race had no new development.

Some of these dogs are further successful and popular, which draws the concentration of the disreputable breeders and puppy mills to create money.

To know more about this dog, one needs to look into the history of their parents Siberian husky and Akita. Adopting the protective nature of Akita and hunting instincts from Siberian husky, Huskitas inherit the qualities of both the parents.

They are playful, energetic and affectionate and ready to safeguard the household thus exhibiting the traits of an excellent watchdog. Since they are good companion, they are ideal for people living alone.

They are good with children, apart from being loyal. When it has only one pet, they do best to gel with it. At times this dog can turn aggressive and are territorial.

If the Akita gene rules them, they might not welcome the strangers, while in general, they are not aggressive. Having an independent side, they are somewhat aloof and detached, and they might not be good for the first time owners.

Safeguarding of oil is done brushing of coat thrice should be done. This breed sheds very little. With a dog shampoo, bathing is done as per requirement. Perfect tool is used to clip the nails, Avoidance of infection for the dog is achieved by occasional cleaning of eyes and ears are done. This dog suffers from dysplasia.

There are other disorders like obesity, bloating, eye problem and hypothyroidism, which it inherits from its parents. For the good health of Huskita, two to three hours of strenuous exercise is enough. To provide enough physical and mental stimulation, fun-filled play sessions and long jogs are sufficient for this dog.

When visiting a dog park, use of a leash is essential, and access to a fenced yard is crucial for this dog. From the puppy day, this dog needs training to get socialized. It will help its wariness to strangers at bay. To social the dog in better in a better way, it is necessary to keep inviting the relatives and friends more to the house. The puppies should be permitted to sit with the strangers so that they can know the stranger in a better way. Teaching the puppy obedience is an essential thing.

Engagement in lots of fun and exciting activities is necessary to keep its mind busy because like most of the dogs they have prey drives and destructive habits. For Huskitas, four to five cups of high-quality food are enough. The commercial food provided to the dog needs to possess all critical nutrients. As per age, size and metabolism of the dog, the quantity of food will vary. The meal provided for the dog needs division in two balanced diets.

Akita Chow is the cross between the Akita and the Chow chow. However, its parents have a complete history. The ancestors of Akita have an image of hunting dogs. These dogs were also used as fighting dogs and were bred continuously with other dogs to improve their fighting skills. Historians have a record that the Chow chows have a bone structure which is quite similar to the earliest known dogs in the world.

Their numbers suddenly started declining as the years started passing. They have a reputation of once, being used as food in countries like Manchuria and Mongolia. The Akita Chow is independent and is known to have an obstinate nature. It will be loyal as well as intelligent. They are incredibly protective of their owners.

As they are highly protective of their owner, Akita chows at times can become dominating and uncontrollable. If not socialized at an early age, these dogs in the later stages of their life can become aggressive whenever they come across a stranger. Whenever they are around small children, these dogs can dispose of their bossy tendencies.

In this regard, the elders should always accompany these dogs. This breed having independent tendencies needs a high dose of regular activities. It will enjoy a long walk with leash on. A fenced-in-yard will provide the required space for the dog to run and play freely. One of its parents the Akita is high on energy dog. On the other hand, the Chow chow tends to be on the lazy side.

The Akita chow can thus be an active dog or can be a lazy and slouchy dog. Regardless of its will to exercise, the Akita chows still need a moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis. Some can have massive vomiting tendencies while traveling in the car and needs handling accordingly.

The cross has little-recorded history and is relatively new in the crossbreeds space. Mainly bred as designer dogs these dogs have a well-known reputation in the world. One of its parents, the Golden Retrievers have a reputation of being an excellent dog when it comes to giving companionship, with always having a sweet disposition for free. The Akita, on the other hand, is a Japanese race and has of thousand years of history. Mainly bred for their hunting skills, these dogs have a high reputation in the royal scene.

Ancient people regarded these dogs to be profoundly spiritual. They are always high on energy and love their family, to the extreme extent of sometimes being overly protective of the family members.

If employed as guard dogs, one can expect these dogs to dispose of their guarding skills by barking at strangers and making their owner aware of an intruder. If socialized at an early stage of their childhood, these dogs will be an excellent companion for small children.

This breed is known to show their aggressive side at other dogs. The Akita and Golden Retriever cross are high on energy. The dog will need plenty of activity classes tom satiate its need to exercise. A considerable open space will be enough for these dogs to allow them to play and run smoothly. It will welcome play sessions with other dogs. As both the parents of the dog has hunting backgrounds, these dogs too can be used for hunting purposes.

This breed comes from two brilliant races, the Akita and the Golden Retriever. Thus, these dogs are a natural quick learner.

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