What is the correct hem length for pants?

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So, while you have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to length, it is important to keep fit in mind.

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Ankle pants at correct length for heels. SUCH a subtle difference between the straight legs above and these ankle-length pants, I know. And in some cases how high a pair of pants rides at the waist and how high your heels are may nudge them over the edge into ankle-length or just-a-touch-too-short-length.
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Ankle pants are one variation of a cropped pant. Again, some retailers will include jeans under the heading of ankle pants. They’re sleek, tailored, tapered on the hem, and showcase the ankle. Lengths are typically two to three inches above the ankle bone. Two inches is quite the sweet spot.

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At least, I now know that the length needs to be at least 2 inches above the ankle bone. Thank you for this helpful post! Ok, and I do like that they showcase great shoes. What a lot of lovely trousers. So now I know that I will have to shorten the pants I mentioned a few inches more.

They are moderately wide and straight, as far as I remember. Interesting that some people view ankle pants as the only pants that really work for them, while others me included feel great in long wide pants and some other styles too. We are all different.: I need to work on my pant lengths. I never think about it unless the pants are dragging on the floor.

Hangs head in shame. I love visuals, so thank you so much for this! You need to get some outfits on the forum! I have short legs and just purchased 2 pairs of cropped flares. I also bought them with a really high rise. I think they look fab, if I do say so myself. I am with you on ankle pant lengths. Or does that depend on the person?

You lengthen the leg line from the hips up when you showcase the waist with a tuck or semi tuck. Angie- I have to be honest- I have such mixed feelings about this look. Growing up I was the tallest girl in the class. They never made pants long enough back then. You lowered it the inch or so they gave you but it was never enough and you never got the old hemline crease out. Then you could put fancy wide trim along the bottom of pants or jeans- sometimes it was enough- many times not.

When you are a tween or adolescent it bites. Is that the definition of irony? I hope to see more in the coming years, as the pant leg seems to be widening again whew!

Thanks for this information, Angie. It is very useful. Prior to finding ylf I never give much thought to proper pants length. Maybe because I am average height, but I have rarely had to hem a pair of pants. Hi there I notiice you wear those cropped pants when visiting Holland in winter, Do you always wear knee length nude coloured nylons or are there other options besides bare legs Love your blog, so helpful.

I am not a huge fan, although I do wear them. I suppose I should be thrilled crops are currently in style because it opens up the door for so many options! Tall sizes exist but do not come in a wide variety of options. I can order any length regular pair of pants and they automatically become crops! I like the look. Short legs, long upper body, and no waist defenition possible at the moment.

Where are these pants that actually come in long? I wind up wearing ankle pants as capri pants. Thanks for this refresher about proper lengths! Like other tall Fabbers, I have to be sure my crops look intentional and not like my pants are too short.

I have still not go around to trying this trend after — how many years? I know many women find them comfortable this length, but take a photo and be objective before buying.

I have grown to like this look over the years, more so then cropped pants. But I find it hard to select the right shoes for a polished and flattering look not stumpifying.

I like how you included a variety of shoes in the selection. I would like to find a nice block heel with ankle strap. Do you think a low shaft bootie would work here too exposing the ankle still? I have caved and purchased pants this length simply because I cannot find longer lengths; they do not look good on me but I just look away. My eye has somewhat adjusted and I see this length as flattering on most others, but I know I will never fully embrace this look.

Part of this is that because this look is somewhat dependent on flattering shoes and my fussy feet box me out of almost all cute styles I am stuck.

But this is helpful post in showing the gamut of styles. Like efgben I also have memories of being teased as a child for always having my trousers too short. It was a hard shift to start deliberately wearing that look. Tall gals, I hear your past challenges with too short pants. I wish I could take you shopping…. Very useful post, thanks for sharing. I especially like ankle pants in combination with moccasins and loafers.

However, with a classic pump you can never go wrong. You don't need to be logged in to leave a comment, but if you are it will allow us to associate the comment with your account. Please enable Javascript in your browser to get the full YLF experience. An Abundance of Yellow Toppers. Outfits Ensembles Trends Advice. JOA Chriselle x J. Forum conversations about this post Ankle pants: Great and extremely useful post , I love ankle pants, thank you Angie. April 12, at 4: Very, very helpful post!

Looking forward to cropped pants weather! Very useful and interesting Angie, thank you! Thank you for this useful post, Angie. All the visuals are very helpful too. April 12, at 5: Ankle pants are the best for tall folk! April 12, at 6: April 12, at 7: Glad this is helpful info, ladies. I like talking about lengths. Eliza, keeping the options diverse so that there is something for everyone is key. Mac, thank you for always being positive and gracious. It does not go unnoticed. Cindy, I look forward to seeing the experiments on the forum.

Murph11, what style of full length pants are you wearing? Great look on you. Bridgie, goodbye high waters. April 12, at 8: April 12, at 9: But now are capris cropped pants? Or are they just capris?! Thank you for the explanation, Angie. And thank you for the great visuals!

April 12, at Jenn, that can happen. Good to be discerning about the length though. Glad you are hemming. Aurore, would be fun to see you in ankle pants. Ankle pants are tapered and cropped.

I like long wide pants too. Style Fan, have you had your culottes hemmed yet? Rachy, capris are a type of cropped pant. I love first 2 but nr. This is super, and I have plans to wear cropped and ankle pants this summer as my office runs so cold skirts and shorts are right out.

I will definitely be following these guidelines. Thankyou for helpul guidelines! I actually like the look of shorter pants. If I remember it correctly, pants that just went down to the top of the shoes, were normal in the early 90s and perhaps late 80s as well, and then at some time pants this short started looking odd.

I felt the same way about leggings. My legs look better naked — then at least they appear strong and fairly toned, rather than just large. Wanna know a secret? I miss stirrup pants. I had a great pair made of substantial stretch fabric with a stitched seam down the front. I called them my Laura Petrie pants. They allowed the pant to skim over my thights and calves without ever riding up.

I could always tuck the stirrup under when wearing with sandals. I love ankle pants!! I have I guess 4 now! And I think they do follow your guidelines automatically for some reason! And I am so glad they do! Will hopefully wear a few in the coming days!

Thank you for these helpful guidelines. I will likely wear a cropped pant or 2 for warmer weather and footwear, as well as the taper of the pants, will be critical to make them work. It is good to see how to make high vamp, low heeled shoes part of the equation. Top of, middle, bottom? Thanks, Angie, for putting this down in such an easy-to-understand manner! You are such a treasure!

Thanks for trying to find ways to make this persistent style work Angie. I like the first look you demonstrate and might even give it a try at some point. Brilliant teaching point Angie! My eye is adapting to the cropped pants and I have tried a few pairs on. These pants end up looking like flares on me I wonder how to taper the pants to achieve the look I desire.

This is another subject were I always have doubts. Cropped pants are my shorts too. And I like to wear them at this length:. Pants that are shorter than regular length but longer than capris are usually referred to as ankle pants. These guides are merely opinions, just like yours. You have to go with what makes you feel best in your outfit. Archer, your thoughts on photo 4 are interesting and thanks for sharing them. To my eye the model looks great, and find that the shoes are chunky enough to visually ground the outfit.

You can always shorten at a later stage. Beth Ann, like Suz, perhaps your sweet spot is 3 inches? We can wear BF jeans longer and they look great. Somehow, that style at that length is a lot more flattering and forgiving on all body types. Merwoman, I have narrow calves and tend to crop shorter so that the largest part of my calf fills out the hem. Does that make sense? I definitely have a poison eye for many ankle pants, especially when they are above the ankle bone and not tapered enough.

I do think both of these lengths work well. I might try the shorter length but will likely just stick to full length because I like to be able to wear a variety of shoe styles. The visuals really help. I have a cobalt pant from two years ago actually that is cropped and Angie I remember you commenting you had really liked them. I will have to model them soon.

I love the two examples that you have shown. Soooo, inches above the ankle bone look like capris to me. I guess what makes them current is that they are tapered without the little flair that capris had? Can you roll up skinny pants to meet this criteria? I almost took a pic! That does indeed make sense Angie — a light bulb moment for me.

Thank you so much for responding. Really taking notes from this post! Seems no matter how many times we discuss, it is still hard to match footwear and pants. That means I need a smooth tapering fit with some structure, but often that type of pant is not fitted enough at the hem.

That is causing them to try to slide over my shoes but not be wide enough to truly flow over. Thank you so much Angie. This really demystifies the process of getting cropped pants just right. So I was doing it correct without even know it!! The ankle pant trend is an example where being a petite has been beneficial.

Oh ankle pants, I dream of you every night! For going out, I like the longer length, and for summer days I vaguely remember what those are like I like the shorter length. This is exactly how I like my ankle pants too!

I wear my BFs at roughly these two lengths as well. For me, the taper is a huge deal too — I really do not like how wider hems look on short pants. This is so helpful for me. Angie, this is so helpful.

I cannot for the life of me grasp ankle pants and visuals help so much. My next question — if I dare — is how this works with slouchier ankle pants? Same rules or not? I really like the first example, and see how the second example looks smashing with pants of dressier materials and dress sandals. But this is where my hipster leanings clash a little bit I think.

These kind of clothes seem to lean towards ankle bone length legs, or a little bit of purposeful high water dorkiness just above the ankle. Wide and short ankle pants all the way. I think a cropped trouser is quite challenging to style.

Starting with an ankle length may be the way to ease into the look. This clarifies things for me a lot. These guidelines are very helpful. I will try to avoid ankle pants until I have the correct footwear.

Do these guidelines apply to rolled up boyfriends? I now have four pairs of boyfriends, which I love, so the answer is really important to me. The big advantage to boyfriends is they never get stuck on my calf when I sit down, unlike most more tapered ankle pants. I am curious whether I could really get the first look to work for me. In general I am with you on cropped pants, Angie.

I have 2 ankle pants, I wore both with ballerinas in spring. The pair hitting at my ankle looked more leg-shortening than the shorter one. Now I understand it would have looked better with high vamped same coloured shoes. Just for fun — because I know you find the confrontation of different fashion points of views amusing: Thank you Angie for very informative post!

I tried to adapt the cropped ankle pant for me but it never worked. So many times I look in the mirror and think it looks fine, then take the picture and cringe in horror: Again our bodies are different. I hav efuller bottom part and somehow ankle length just makes the proportions all wrong. However you are right here: The only style I do prefer in the cropped length is BF jeans. Somehow the volume combined with the structure of the rigid denim makes it work to my eye — I do prefer them rolled to the full length.

I have a complete poison eye for cropped pants, particularly on myself. I feel exactly as Sveta does in the previous post.

For some people, particularly those with long, slim legs, I can appreciate the look I know, this is a failing of mine to not be able to tolerate it on larger limbed people, such as myself. If it comes down to only having these type of pants available, and never wearing pants again, I shall choose to only wear skirts. In-between these two lengths. Nebraskim, I hear you.

Ankle pants are harder to pull on the short limbed and full thighed body type. That does not come as a surprise. Ines de la Fressange probably feels the same way. Another thank you for the visuals! I dread pants shopping in the spring and summer but your advice has armed me with information and confidence. I am in the short-limbed full-thighed body type family, so I have been avoiding cropped pants like the plague.

With the right footwear, now I will at least consider the longer version of ankle pants or more likely, roll full length pants when the temperature goes up. Thanks Angie — the visuals are very helpful. Maybe I mean ALL pants — they are much easier to find than tops for me. I think the first to photos are so cute!

I do second Sveta in saying that I love my cropped via rolling BF jeans. Somehow, that seems to work for me. Ah, now I see what you meant about the length of the pants I was asking about yesterday. Thanks for the pics! I must admit that I really do like ankle pants. I prefer the longer length of the first example or maybe a bit shorter. At least on me, I find the taper even more important than the length. I totally get the power of the poison eye.

I have my poison pills, too:

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