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Ok, so here it is: My full list of all of the companies that cater for curves/ big busts. I will be updating this list regularly- if you have any additions please let me know, I am trying to be comprehensive!I am going to put a link to this post up in my links section for quick reference, as well.I have highlighted in pink companies that may be good for smaller (under

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Have you tried http: FWIW, their size chart starts at a cm waist. There is Russian shop ddshop. They also have bras, but prices are a little bit higher then in Europe or US, so it's for Russian girls who want to order locally.

The only problem - everything is in Russian. But thanks Google for Google translator. Add Quincy to your list! Quincy finds your perfect fit--great for curvy women!

I am hoping one of these will be the answer for me! And where on earth do you find anything under a 28 back size? Another option is eShakti, which allows you to customize your size by giving your shoulder, chest, bust, under bust, waist, hip, upper arm, length of arm, and height.

It costs a little bit extra to get a custom size, but significantly less than it would cost at the tailor. Some of the dresses and tops also give you the option of customizing the neckline, which can be helpful. It is hard for me to find a strapless bra, any recommendations.

Similarly priced as Biu Biu. Can I just say a humongous thank you?!!!!! I stumbled upon your blog by accident It has been so difficult At 41yo, as 42DD - greatly smaller waist and curvy hips, I know exactly what I need, and what will fit my body when I see it, so I don't need to go into the stores, as everytime I do - I never SEE anything cute or that will fit my body.

I have had recent luck lately with Ann Taylor Loft and Outlet. The basic Ann Taylor scoop t's work great for me and are inexpensive. I also love their shorts. My waist isn't as small as it used to be but their ratio works well for me now.

I do love their knit skirts, though! I also have luck with of all things Kmart - the Sofia Vergara line is GREAT if they have something in a style you like I usually manage to find at least one t there per visit. I haven't tried her other stuff dresses, etc.

I have learned to layer tops - a tight knit tank with a shrug or lightweight cotton vest over the top works well. The challenge is finding a shrug that shows my waist so I don't look like a blob. I think some of their stuff is a little hit and miss, but when I read their reviews, I wonder if different clothes are for different shapes, as some slate what really works for me. These are a couple of items I have come to love among others!

Linen shirt of the sort I thought I would never get to wear: Thanks so much for referral to D-busted in Australia! I live in Canada in a city where size 0 rules. Phillipa, the proprietress, is a riot, wonderful, funny, and so in our collective corner in the hard work she does convincing mainstream designers to let her sell their product that fits women like us. I just celebrated turning 50 tomorrow with a couple of great looking dresses. I can't tell you how great it is to buy from a website that tells you what cup size is going to fit in a dress.

Don't let my age deter you, Phillipa is young and has great taste. Check out her site, and remember the reverse season thing means you'll be looking at fall clothes on sale now. For me it's not just boobs, but bum and thighs, too! It is impossible for me to get a decent sized pair of jeans. I am a UK 10 in shirt size, but I have to wear UK 14 jeans because they're the only ones that get over my thighs Are there any clothing stores out there that aren't as expensive.

Just because we're curvier doesn't mean we have to spend more! Thanks sooooooooooooooo much for this I have never been able to find a shirt to fit as I am a 30F with a 30" waist and 32" hips so anything that is large enough to go over my bust is way too big in the waist and hips I've died and gone to heaven!

You have also done a lot for my body image than you sooooooooo much for sharing all this wonderful info. Hi all, this site is awesome and so thrilled to see everyone talking about a topic close to my heart! Just want to introduce you to "Bust-a-Move" the new bust-size shirt from our shirting company, Mr. We have different bust sizes - Bud, Blossom, Bloom and Full Bloom that works with our standard body size. Its a made-to-order service so we get the perfecto silhouette!

Take a look and if anyone wants to talk shirt with me, please say hello! Best wishes from downunder, Sophie http: Oh my goodness, those have to be the cutest names for the different bust sizes that I've ever heard!

And- am I seeing right- you have petite and tall sizes too? That's going to be really exciting to some people! Will you email with me and tell me more about your company? Thank you so much for your Blog. I have already used your clothing list to order clothing. It's SO hard to find curvy clothing, because when searching anything with the word curvy, hourglass all that comes up is plus sized clothing!

Nothing against plus sized women, but it makes it damn hard for me to find clothes. It would be great if anyone has suggestions for swimwear. There are the typical answers of figleaves, asos, bravissimo and other sites mentioned above. I end up ordering suits in different sizes and maybe have 1 or 2 that actually end up fitting. Any suggestions for cute swimwear would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much for this blog!

So many magazine articles over simplify body shapes so that "hourglass" becomes a euphemism for overweight and clothing to cater for that shape, and then the "petite" body shape recommends the exact opposite! What if you're both?! Nice to find out there are other people in the same boat, who love pretty shirts etc but always have to go with the baggy looking size so avoid the giant gaping hole in the cleavage. Thanks for the clothing sites, will definitely check them out!

Plus, the bra straps aren't thin little lines that cut into the shoulders. They're wider and quite comfortable. Buy 1 bra, send it back and forth until it's fitting perfectly. Mine had to be sent back twice. And for a custom fit bra made in the USA mine require a larger size, double-lined front and back, etc. And no, they're not paying me to say this. I've just been a super-happy customer for over 10 years. I get exactly what fits me, I can get it in a wide range of colors, I have a swimsuit that not only fits, it SUPPORTS, and all for a very reasonable, competitive-with-department-store-crap price.

And I don't get holes poked in my armpits from the torture of under-wires, so I'm super, super happy about that! The clothing styles tend to be more casual, but I've found the velvet high quality velour fabric actually looks nice enough that I was getting complimented at fancy restaurants in my mock-turtle and pant set. So for those of us with a long gusset--or a short gusset that's the seam that runs from the belly button down, through, and up to the spine --instead of an average waistline get exactly the length we need.

A note on the swimsuits, since that season is upon us: They don't have a lot of choices for the swimsuit fabric on hand, but the one I got, a shades-of-blue in a rippling pattern, was very well-matched. I also recall seeing a comment somewhere about if you bring in a lot of the appropriate sort of fabric, they would be willing to cut a suit out of it Polite inquiries never hurt, though!

Like I said, happy customer for over 10 years. Hello Brittany, I am an 18 year old law student who will be joining the workforce in 2 years time and finding professional clothing to wear to mooting sessions at university is extremely difficult never mind when I actually go to the workforce with my ridiculous hourglass proportions, I often have to buy formal dress shirts several sizes larger than my usual size 10 I literally need a size 16 to contain my bust and have my mother or a seamstress alter them.

I have tried clothing companies like Biu Biu, Carissa Rose, Dd Atelier, Pepper berry and most of the others on your list but unfortunately my measurements leave me sized out of their size range too. Ironically so since they are made for smaller waists and bigger busts. My only other option is to have certain garments like jackets custom made but the cost is restrictive as I am a student, and I cannot afford this often I live in Australia and would be perfectly willing to buy my clothes online, do you have any recommendations for where I might find professional, well-fitting attire for a reasonable price.

Thank you in advance PS. I'm 5 foot 5. I'm not sure if my height is important but I'll include it anyway. Also I realize I stated that I am a size Gosh is it so hard for clothing manufacturers to fathom that people with small waists and large busts exist? I'm sure I'm not alone and that there are many more thin and curvy women out there! We exist and we need work attire too!

Hi, I'm 5'2", lbs with 38 DD bust size and a 35" waist. I don't have a ton of money to spend on tops, so is there a store in Texas that I can go to that will accommodate my weird measurements? I want to physically go in a store and try things on before I spend money buying things online. I have looked on every website listed and even scrolled through the comments to find more links and there was nothing that I could find with tops that I liked with the location in the US.

Am I really up a creek without a paddle? I just want to look appropriate and not have to wear clothes that either make me look pregnant or the buttons are busting at the seams. I really appreciate anyone who could help me! I also live in Houston,Texas- If you find a store that fits you in anywhere in TX please let me know our measurements are basically the same. Sometimes i can find a shirt at BeBes if i am lucky. Marie Tillman on FB. Hi, I'm 5'1'', lb with 32G bust, 29" waist, and 41" hips.

I would like to recommend the British company Boden. They make some absolutely perfect dresses for curvy ladies. I especially like the Amelie Dress, it fits me perfect in their size 8. They have lots of patterns for people who like those and bright colors I'm more of a monochromatic dresser.

Great resource here, I'd like to say that the British company 'Coast' sometimes does dresses for us curvy girls. You have to try the dresses on to check, but they do very good wrap dresses especially so do Hobbs, Planet and LK Bennett actually.

AS for Jeans for those with big bums, another British company 'Next' does some jeans which are ace and much cheaper than others, they have the 'Sexy High Waist Jeans' which fit okay or their 'Lift and Shape' line which fit very well and help pull in any floppy bits too.

Next also stock Salsa Jeans which is a EU curvy jean company. Salsa do have a website of their own as well.

I am so glad I found this page. I have always had a hard time getting bras to git properly. I would go to the store and have them measure me, and they would always guess what I call it!!

I measure using your guide and was shocked at the size. Armed with the measurement I took based off your page and went to the store. I did just as you suggested I tried a few different bras in different measurements and cup sizes and was glad to feel so well in the bra.

Hey Brittany, I did want to suggest a solution for the cleavage problem. Half tees from www. I order medium and it is perfect. It solves the cleavage problem without adding bulk to your midsection or riding up your hips. Available in a range of colors and sleeve lengths.

I am so glad for your blog. I am a 28G bra size. My husband always says that I am either squashing or hiding my breasts. But I cannot find anything to fit! I was so excited I went a little crazy And am anticipating having to return items.

Hey, Dont forget to also have a look at http: I wear anything from a 32H to a 34F, depending on the manufacturer. I find I get a great fit in their tops, as well as their skirts. I have to go up to an XL to get enough ease in the bust at my size, but the shirts and dress fit very well - body con if you want it - and don't droop in the shoulder.

I have bought a shirt, a sweater, a dress and a skirt http: Thank you so much! I think young girls need to be aware of this as well, I grew up and had a lot of self confidence issues because I just thought I was overweight.

I absolutely love your blog and am so happy someone out there had the confidence to say something and do this for all of us who are in the same boat! I am a 5'2" hourglass, so these links are super helpful! XD I never knew those existed. I wonder the hips fit the same ratio, though. Hi friends, I'm 5ft tall and have DD's.

I am petite and find it difficult to find affordable clothes. Try glamourous gladrags via ebay. They will post to asia, america, europe. I'm 5 ft tall with DD. And yes, it is certainly a nightmare for finding affordable clothing to fit a petite frame with cup size larger than B or C.

I'm the same size! It's hard finding stuff that is not too old, or too young. I'm 37 years old. My mother is also 5' with 34 G's or something of that sort. She swears by Chico's for button ups. She says they cut their clothes much more generous in the bust. I find there clothes a bit too old for me. Depending on your age, it might work for you. For pants I love INC petite, their sizes run big. For work shirts, I have found that Express size large, fits my breasts and isn't too baggy on the shoulders or the waist, though a tiny bit.

That's the best fit for a button up I've ever gotten. And they have good, hip style. I finally found that 00 petite curvy was gold. They also have an online sale pretty much every day. Very classy, at that. Thank you very much for this blog as for years I was having difficulty finding clothes that looked good on me.

After having 4 kids in a short space of time, my breasts grew like crazy and I ended up being a 36 DD with a 5 foot frame it runs in the family , and a post natal tummy.

I tried Urkye, delivery was very good and their clothes are very well made. I thought I'd like to contribute to anyone interested that I found by chance on ebay.

I just received my 3 dresses and tried them on. I must say that for my short frame, I risked UK size 10 but they fitted so well. The material was very good as well. I paid around 78 euros for 3 dresses including delivery to Italy from the UK by normal post. It isn't geared towards big breasts per se but vintage dresses usually have a shape that fits well on a small frame with large breasts. Hope it helps somebody!

Not sure if anyone has suggested this, but you ladies might want to try http: Where can I find it? Do you know the style? I love your blog, I just came across it during my break at work, and I can't tell you how happy I am to have this list. I spent all last night at our mall looking through every store for one dress that fit me well.

All of them were either boxy, too short for my butt, or too loose on my waist. I've complained to friends and they just glare at me because people with my body don't have a probably finding cloths everything is made for "me". Your blog is the solution to finding a pair of pants that doesn't gape at the back or fall off my waist and so much more! Hi, I am always in confusion that what type of clothes I should wear for looking smart because my height is short.

There is a store in New York that sells tops,shirts and even some dresses by what your bra size is. This is away for a big on top smaller on bottom woman or girl to find a shirt or even a button up shirt that fits with out pulling. I wish a store like that would open up in Houston ,Texas. With 36 bust 24 waist 36 hips I hate going out shopping taking loads of things into the fitting rooms and coming out with nothing.

So I thank you so much for these links. It doesn't appear that you have reviewed eShakti yet, so I just want to put in a plug for them. Hugetittiesgerda OMG look at those perfect tits!

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"Working with On the Plus Side and its fabulous staff and wearing their beautiful clothes has been one of the most rewarding experiences since moving to Sonoma County." Chelsea is . Buy women's plus size clothing and fashion online at Myer. Shop plus size dresses, jackets, shirts, pants and more from top brands. Free shipping on orders $ or over. Big is Beautiful K likes. Big Is beautiful is a fashionable clothing retailer selling sizes Based on bury market margaret block 14/